The Sports Liaison Committee assist and develop recognised sports on the Isle of Man through the Support for Sport framework, aligned with our Priorities and Objectives.

The Sports Liaison Officer reports to the Committee and is available to help sports with any queries they may have.

The Sports Liaison Committee's function is to work with sports on the Island to make recommendations to the Isle of Man Sport Committee in relation to support and funding issues for these sports.

Please feel free to use the tabs on the left hand side to have a look around our page for further information on the Sports Liaison Committee, our role within sport on the Island, the role of the Sports Liaison Officer, the Support for Sport process and our funding applications (this list is not exhaustive!).

As always, we welcome sport's feedback and any ideas or suggestions to improve the services we provide.

Please feel free to contact our Sports Liaison Officer, Louise Corkill.

Sports Liaison Committee 

The Sports Liaison Committee is a sub committee of Isle of Man Sport who meet on a monthly basis and consists of three volunteer committee members.

Members of the Sports Liaison Committee are appointed by the Chairperson of the main Isle of Man Sport Committee.

In addition, the Sports Liaison Officer, who is employed by Isle of Man Sport and Manx Sport and Recreation's Senior Sports Development Officer, also make up this Committee, both in an advisory capacity.

The Isle of Man Sport Business Administrator attends all committee meetings.

Furthermore, the Committee works closely with Manx Sport and Recreation's Disability and Activity Coordinators. 

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