New partnership between Embrace Sports & Wellbeing and Isle of Man Sport Aid to support athletes’ mental health and wellbeing needs 

Leading Manx athletes will have increased support in managing their mental health thanks to a new partnership between Isle of Man Sport Aid and Embrace Sports & Wellbeing.

Elite sport can be incredibly demanding, and research suggests certain factors such as retirement, injury, or deselection can increase the risk of athletes developing depression and anxiety. Teaming up with a number of partners to encourage the athletes it supports to discuss their feelings before they get worse, Isle of Man Sport Aid continues to focus on prevention and early intervention.

The latest partnership, with Embrace Sports & Wellbeing, provides current and those who have recently retired athletes with counselling. 

Paul Jones, Sports Performance Coordinator for Sport Aid, said:

‘High-performing athletes operate under extreme pressure which leaves them vulnerable to poor mental health. By spotting signs early and having access to the right support we hope to help our athletes manage difficult feelings and reach their peak performance levels. By partnering with Embrace Sports & Wellbeing, and other fantastic organisations, we will be able to make a real difference.’

Emily Collett (formerly Lake), founder of Embrace Sports & Wellbeing, a Psychotherapist and Mental Health Consultant who specialises in elite sport, said: ‘Having worked and studied within the elite sports world throughout my career, I understand the unique challenges that being an athlete can bring. Sport can feel like a rollercoaster at times, the highs and lows, and everything else to juggle alongside it. I look forward to supporting these individuals, wherever they are on this journey.

The combination of my clinical training and understanding of sporting contexts allows me to provide a unique service to support current and former Manx athletes with their mental health. I’m very pleased to be partnering with Isle of Man Sport Aid who are taking a proactive approach in prioritising athlete wellbeing.’ 

Find out more about Emily and Embrace Sports & Wellbeing’s work here.

For a referral, please contact Dr Rich Sille.